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Home Furniture Tips – Shopping For Beds

Shopping for furniture can be prolonged over figuring out which pieces suit your taste. Looking for a new bed can be especially challenging. But don’t worry, as there are tons of options to choose from. Regardless of what style of bedroom furniture you wish to own, chances are you will do well with a canopy bed, a platform bed, or a sleigh bed.

Canopy beds definitely radiate majesty. These regal classics were first used during the fifteenth century in Europe, and are still attractive today. Usually outfitted with four posters, canopy beds are the perfect way to feel like a king (or queen). The top enclosures allow you to delicately drape linens or other fabrics from the bed, allowing you to shut out light and night and wake up refreshed in the morning. Such an elaborately crafted piece of bedroom furniture should be displayed in a master suite, with nightstands and an armoire to match its stately appearance.

Platforms beds, on the other hand, are completely contemporary. The low-profile, balanced minimalism of these beds boasts an Asian aesthetic. Understated sophistication mixed with geometric lines makes for the perfect way to modernize your bedroom furniture. Simple yet utterly refined, platform beds make a statement without being showing. Plus, they save you money because your mattress can be placed on wooden slats, thereby saving you the cost of buying a box spring. Platform beds can be used in a master bedroom, smaller bedroom or guest bedroom, with sleek nightstands flanking either side to complete the look.

Sleigh beds are the middlemen of beds; they work as a bed that fits the traditional standard while adding some contemporary flair. These Empire-period beds used to be more ornate and detailed, but modern sleigh beds are a bit more simplified. The headboards and feet of the bed are not nearly as decorative as a canopy bed, but not quite as pared down as a platform bed. Hence, sleigh beds work with pretty much any bedroom d├ęcor. Try these beds out in smaller bedrooms or a guest room to add a classic yet modern finish.